To the editors,

I am writing in as a concerned parent about a recent letter by Ms Angeline Wong Hui Wei in the online forum (Feb 13th, 2015), who says we should allow premarital sex between mature adults.

I feel it is precisely this kind of slippery slope argument that allows us to turn a blind eye when we see young couples, especially teenagers, engaging in premarital sex and cohabitation.

Our bodies are only as corrupt as the filthy things that we do to it. When God made Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, they were both unclothed but they did not feel shame in their nakedness. Only when original sin entered into them, they began to imagine depraved things about each other's bodies, and so they felt the need to cover up their nakedness with articles of clothing.

We should be educating our young to control their desires and telling them that it is wrong to offer their bodies so easily to one another. They should be told of the immeasurable worth of their bodies and educated about the sacred nature of sexual intercourse in many religions and cultures throughout the world. We should not be telling them that it is OK to sleep with one another just because other people are doing it.

In the past, society understood a fundamental rule: Sexual intimacy outside of the sacred bond of marriage is immoral and a prelude to greater debauchery. Couples who are unmarried but live together or have premarital sex are usually the result of broken families and homes where the concept of "love" is poorly understood. They may be afraid to step into marriage because their parents were poor examples of the love between husband and wife. Little wonder that research shows couples who cohabited and then got married later had higher rates of divorce.

The introduction of liberal and sexually promiscuous content on the television and the internet also has a large role to play in society's arbitrary differentiation between sexual intimacy and marriage. It started first with women progressively wearing lesser and lesser clothes on TV, to shows promoting unnatural homosexual relationships, followed by depraved songs promoting sex, violence and drugs. The list goes on.

We need to take a firm moral stance against immorality and put a stop to premarital sex. If we keep our bodies pure and chaste for our partners, we will find that we learn to respect and honour each other more, both physically and spiritually.

Y. Chen
A concerned parent

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