In Indonesia, political party supporters are extremely devoted to their political leaders – even to the extend of drinking water which was used to wash the feets of their leaders.

Indonesian Democratic Party – Struggle, or commonly known as PDI-P is now led by former Indonesia President Megawati Sukarnoputri. Her popularity with the Indonesia people has elevated her to demi-goddess status.

Her hardcore supporters believe they will be blessed after they drank the water used to wash her feet.

In a photo, party member named Cecept Ondon Iskandar was seen drinking water used to wash the feet of Megawati. This man who was born in Tomo, Sumedang claimed he did not feel disgusted by doing so.

In an interview with local media, Mr Cecept said it was his lifelong dream to wash the feet of Megawati then use the water to wash his face. However, he was unable to control his emotions and decided to drink the water instead. He added that he felt relieved and blessed after finishing a tub of water that was used to wash the feet of the former Indonesian leader.

Do you think Singaporeans will be eager to wash the feet of their political leaders or former political leaders? If there is a chance for you to wash the feet of a political leader, who would that be?

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