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A 6-inch long eel was removed from a man’s penis in China after a spa session where he had eel treatment to remove dead skin to make him look younger.

Zhang was told by staff in the spa that he will look younger by removing dead skin and the most effective way was to undergo eel treatment.

Eel treatment is a controversial method which required Zhang to emerge in a spa bath filled with eels. The eels were known to feed on dead skin on human body.

According to Zhang, he lowered himself into the bath and felt strange sensations of eels nibbling him. But minutes later, he felt a sharp pain when he realised an eel had tried to wiggle into his penis from the tip.

Zhang tried to pull out the eel but the slippery fish was too slippery.

The 6-inch eel entered Zhang’s penis fully.

Zhang was rushed to the hospital where he underwent a three hour-long operation to remove the eel, which entered his bladder through the urethra. The Surgeon-in-charge Dr Wang said the eel was dead when it was removed.

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