Research says that people who exercise in the morning before breakfast lose more weight and develop less insulin problems, according to an article on the New York Times.

The article quoted a 2010 study where researchers recorded conducted an experiment between two groups of men. One group exercised before they had their breakfast and the other group exercise after. The findings showed that those who exercised after they had eaten breakfast, still put on about 1.4 kg after six weeks.

Not only that, these same group of men had developed insulin problems.

However, the group that exercised before they had breakfast gained almost no weight, and did not develop the same insulin problems.

They were also burning more fat throughout the day, as compared to the other group.

However, this should not be a reason to skip meals or to not eat a full balanced meal after exercising.

Skipping meals can activate the body’s instinctive survival response, which causes it to store fat and water in the cells for self-preservation.

According to health experts, the body requires more nutrients after a.workout so that it can repair itself. During exercise, the body’s muscles are pushed hard, which causes micro-tears and other changes to the system. Food grants the body energy to repair these tears and restore the body’s natural balance.

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