The plight of the 70 year old man conned into giving all of his S$2,000 monthly salary to two con-women has touched many Singaporeans. They even set up an online fund raising to help the man.

Even though the con-women involved have been arrested, the 70 year old is still convinced that he “owes” money to the Government and said that he will believe it only when a Government official tells him that he didn’t owe them money any more.

Fortunately, Mr Tay Soy Kiang’s 39 year old niece Pamela Lim came to his rescue and demanded that the women repay the money or she will go to the press.

According to Ms Lim, she noticed after she came back from Australia that her uncle was constantly borrowing money from her money and others despite holding down two jobs. It was only after her dogged questioning that he revealed why he had no money every month.

She has since taken her uncle under her wing and Mr Tay is now living with her and her family. She also set up a joint account with him so that his salary can be credited there and makes it easier for her to monitor his spending.

“I used to live with my grandparents when they were alive and among all his nieces and nephews, I was closer to him. I may not be his daughter but I feel I have to look after him. He has no one else”.

Ms Lim also added “my uncle is very naive and child-like. that’s why I felt angry when I found out what was happening. he had to hold down two jobs to repay a debt that wasn’t real. I couldn’t bear to see him so tired from working two jobs.”

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