40 year-old Subhash Gopinathan Nair was having a drinking session with four friends on 4 March when he shared that his girlfriend was having an affair with 33 year-old Arulkumaran Magalingam.

At 11pm on that same night, Subhash, his friend Anbualagan Ramasivam, 43, and three others went to Arulkumaran’s flat in Choa Chu Kang Street 51.

Subhash had told his friends that he wanted to “talk” with Arukumaran to get his girlfriend back, but the discussion became heated. Subhash punched the victim in the face, who retaliated. The others joined in, raining punches on the victim, who escaped to a nearby coffee shop.

After catching up with the victim, Subhash threw the former against a letter box and staircase railing. Subhash was stopped by his friends. The victim went home, but was conveyed to hospital with injuries on his face, including bleeding in his right eye and a broken nose, and acute cervical spine injury.

Subhash and Anbualagan were jailed for being part of an unlawful assembly today. They were sentenced to 5 and 4 months respectively.

Two other similar charges were taken into consideration in Anbualagan’s sentencing. In one of the charges, the 43 year-old also admitted that he had breached a personal protection order by using family violence on his 37 year-old wife at their flat in Bukit Panjang Ring Road on 14 September. He had punched his wife in the face during a heated argument.

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