Controversial blogger Wendy Cheng, better known as Xiaxue, has taken out a Protection Order against satirical group, SMRT Ltd (Feedback) for repeated harassment. The Protection Order, which comes under the Protection from Harassment Act enacted in November last year, is meant to prevent the satirical group from publishing or continuing to publish offensive comments about Ms Cheng and her family.

But being an anonymous entity, will this Court Order be effective against SMRT kor kor? Or will SMRT korkor make a big mockery out of this new Protection from Harassment Act? We shall wait and see.

Making the announcement in a blog post today (Feb 6), Ms Cheng, 30, claimed that she has been harassed by the anonymous entity since 2012, ranging from snide comments on her looks and height to disparaging her character. Her family has not been spared from harassment as well, she wrote.

Speaking to the Media, she said that the circulation of her home address online was among the reasons leading to her decision to take out the Protection Order. It was published by a netizen on the SMRT Ltd (Feedback)’s Facebook page.

“I felt very worried about my address being posted. I feared for my safety, and my family’s,” she said.

After being alerted to the new Protection from Harassment Act by a friend, Ms Cheng decided to engage a law firm a few weeks ago and served notice to SMRT Ltd (Feedback) via email and Facebook. While the notice was seen, no acknowledgement was received, she said.

Yesterday, the State Courts issued a Protection Order under Originating Summons to the satirical group.

Should they flout the court order and persist in making insulting or abusive comments against Ms Cheng and her family, they could be fined up to S$5,000, jailed up to six months, or both.

In response, SMRT Ltd (Feedback) posted on their Facebook page that they would be revealing their identities and posting an apology online by noon tomorrow, as stipulated by the Court Order. However, Ms Cheng’s lawyer has refuted this, saying that the Court Order has no such requirements.

The satirical group added that it is currently preparing its legal response.

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