According to local studies, Chinese Singaporean men who have never been married are 5 to 6 times more at risk of contracting dementia as compared to their peers. The study also found that men more so than women are at risk of the disease.

The findings are part of a study, “Singapore Longitudinal Ageing Study”, by the National University of Singapore School of Medicine.

Researchers surveyed over 2500 participants aged 55 years and above living in south east Singapore. The majority of these participants are from lower income groups residing in Geylang.

Aside from underlying medical causes, social environment, psychological health and life experiences are known to affect one’s chances of contracting the disease.

Lead researcher Associate Professor Ng Tze Ping explains, “Marriage may introduce more social engagement and reduce the psychological stress of loneliness.”

“Go out and socialize, volunteer or participate in community”, he advised.

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