More details have emerged about the TransAsia plane, which crashed into the Keelung River in Taipei today after a failed liftoff attempt.

Rescuers have pulled 28 passengers from the wreck, 15 of which had been killed in the crash. Many more are feared dead as 30 passengers are still missing. 31 passengers were reported to be from China.

The plane, which was headed towards the Taiwan-controlled Kienmen Islands, took off from Taipei Songshan Airport at 10.53am. The plane lost contact with airport controllers two minutes later. Video footage shows the plane flying on its side, with one wing crashing into Taiwan's National Freeway No. 1 just seconds before it crashed into the river.

Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense says it has sent out 165 people and 8 boats to the crash site, joining local fire department crew. Pictures of the crash site and rescue efforts are circulating online.

The TransAsia media office declined comment on possible reasons for the crash, stating that a news conference would be held later today. Taiwan's Civil Aeronautics Administration also was unable to discuss possible reasons for the crash.

Another ATR72-600 plane operated by the Taipei-based TransAsia had crashed in the Taiwan-controlled islands of Penghu on 23 July 2014, which left 48 passengers dead. Investigations into that crash are still ongoing.

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