Dear Editors,

I received this notification about children going missing after school dismissal from a kindergarten in Hougang. The school reminded parents and maids to pay close attention to their children, especially maids who are always engrossed with using their mobile phones. 

Please help spread this message to other Singaporeans. This is an issue for all parents to be aware of, especially those living in the Hougang area! I have attached the letter below. 

"Dear Parents,

Dismissal Time

We have had two incidents of missing children after the dismissal of children from our kindergarten. This is very alarming to us. Althought both cases happened after the children have been released to parents, we are still very concerned for the children's safety.

We would like to urge parents/caregivers to hold on to your children's hands or to ensure that they are walking close to you at all times, whether in the kindergarten's compound or at the road side.

We have also observed some domestic helpers engrossed in their mobile phones while walking with the children. We need you parents, to remind them that their attention should be on the children. Please take the children's safety seriously.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours Sincerely,

Nativity Church Kindergarten"

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