Singaporeans found themselves facing long queues at several banks and automated telling machines throughout the island today as Chinese Singaporeans rushed to deposit their money on what has been said to be an auspicious day in the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

4th February, known as "Li Chun" in the Chinese calendar, marks the start of spring and was traditionally observed by farmers hoping for a good harvest in the coming year.

Part of the queuing craze may have been sparked off by a table of auspicious "lucky hours", which dictated which hours should persons born under different Chinese Zodiacs go deposit their funds. The picture in question below.

Unfortunately, the long queues have prompted some unhappiness among some people. One reader Siva commented: "I don't know why they have to try and squeeze in all at the same time. It's very inconvenient for us working in the area. We only have less than 1 hour during lunch to eat and do our banking. I wish they would consider our position instead of jamming the whole place because of silly superstitions."

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