The Land Transport Authority said Thursday it will spend $330 million to build a network of sheltered walkways linking MRT stations to surrounding areas by 2018.

The news comes a week after it announced plans to double Singapore’s rail network by 2030.

Under the Land Transport Authority’s “Walk2Ride” programme, shopping, leisure, commercial and residential developments within a 400m radius of all MRT stations and within a 200m radius of all LRT stations and bus interchanges will be covered.

Currently, only schools and health care facilities within a 200m radius of transport nodes are linked up through the sheltered walkways.

The Walk2Ride programme will also connect about 100 existing bus shelters with high usage to trip generating hubs within a 200m radius of these bus shelters.

More pedestrian overhead bridges with lifts and noise barriers along railway viaducts will also be constructed.

To help those “less mobile”, lifts will be installed at 40 pedestrian overhead bridges in addition to six currently being fitted out. Project cost for this is expected to be $60 million.

The installation of noise barriers will be more expensive, coming close to $300 million. Works to install the barriers will begin towards the end of 2013 and is expected to be completed by 2020, LTA said.

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