CPF is the people’s money, a life time of savings. What makes the few elected individuals think they have the right to decide on what to do with the people’s money?

Tell us, the people who put their money in the CPF, who are you and what right have you, how clever are you, to keep our money at your fancy, that you know best how much the people can have their money back, and how much to return to the people?

WHO ARE YOU? WHAT ARE YOU? Are you God, supernatural, human beans of abnormal intelligence? To me you are just boys and girls who happened to be elected by the blind voters to form the govt. Period. Do not act too smart or smug. You are ordinary like every Sinkie, nothing more, nothing less. Stop behaving and acting like smart asses.

It is high time to stop all the wayang and committees to look into the CPF money and how to keep them and not to return to the people.

There is no good reason to keep the money that belongs to the people. Return the money to their rightful owners. It is the right of the people to decide what they want to do with their life savings, to take it all out or to put in the CPF. You just provide the alternatives and the choice is with the owners of the money. No one has the right to dictate to the people on the use of their money. It is NOT your money. Keep your paws away.

I say this to you boys and girls, before you start to think clever, to have bright ideas about other people’s money, ask yourself this question,


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