Dear Editors,

My wife's colleague who is also a friend of mine told my wife this morning that her mother's good friend, a 50+ year old lady was walking back to her home after work in Oct last year at about 11.00 pm and was gang raped by 4 Indians who were heavily intoxicated at an overhead bridge near Whampoa.

Some residents had complained to their MP that the passerby walking on the the overhead bridge can looked directly into their flat's bedrooms so huge panels were installed on the bridge to block off the view from the bridge. This middle age sinkie was pinned down by 2 Indians and then all 4 India Foreign Trash took turns to gang raped her with impunity as no one can see the rape taking place because of the panels.

The victim mentioned it to a few close friends only very recently as she did not want to report the Rape because she greatly feared the embarrassment and social stigma of being raped at her age but yet felt an urge to share it with her close friends as she is in urgent need of emotional support and finally decided to open up. Even her family members are not aware about it.

Can members of the SPF please do something about this case? I am unable to let this matter rest and I feel an obligation to seek justice for this poor defenseless sinkie for being gang raped by Third World India Foreign Trash.

Tak Boleh Tahan Already

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