SINGAPORE- Secondary school student Vince Thant, who lent his shoes to a barefoot boy, has earned a commendation in school.

Vince, 13, who lent the shoes, was on his way home on Friday (Jan 30) at about 7.30pm when he chanced upon the boy.

Responding to queries from The Straits Times, Vince’s form teacher Alfieana Alphonso said Vince and his 13-year-old friend Leong Jun Hao – both Secondary Two students from Edgefield Secondary – were walking together in Punggol when they saw the boy.

“They saw the little boy at the traffic light, without shoes, and that he was about to cross the road when the red signal was on. Vince stopped the boy and led him to a walkway,” Ms Alphonso said.

When they asked the boy questions, he did not answer coherently, she added.

It was then that the students asked for help from an adult, who goes by the name Zen Ginji on Facebook. He called the police.

While waiting for the police, Vince lent his shoes to the little boy.

“Their first instinct was to help the boy protect his feet,” their form teacher said of the two students.

Following the incident, Mr Ginji posted the incident on his Facebook page and contacted the school to commend the two students.

Both Vince and Jun Hao were asked to share their experience with the school and were given affirmation for their actions, Ms Alphonso added.

Edgefield Secondary principal Leong Kok Kee told The Straits Times: “The school is indeed very proud of our students who were able to respond to the lost child’s needs. Our appreciation also to the kind Samaritan who called the police for assistance.”

More details of the little boy are unknown, after the police took over the case.

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