Yesterday, a murder took place at a Yuan Ching Condominium. The following Facebook status update was posted by the husband who murdered his wife and he explained his situation and what forced him over the edge. After posting the Facebook update, reportedly turned the knife on himself and succumbed to his injuries in the hospital.

Final Note

It’s sad that things had to be in this way, but with 12 years of greivances, suffering in silence and humilation i had with her and what i got in return is her lies, empty promises and betrayal. Totally ignoring my sacrifaces, endurance towards her bad character and wrongdoings. All these years of marriage with her, i had constantly contemplating with the idea of suicide, the mental stress i had with her is too much for me.

My Studies

Only after i started study, i finally gained back some confidence and idea of what i wanted to do again. I had make so much effort in being an “A” student. Time required for to and fro from my place to BCA takes about 4 hours daily and i make sure i went for every lesson no matter how long the lessons are, even for sometimes 1 to 2 hour lesson. Sleep only 4-6 hours daily and the rest of the time are for studies, no TV, no Entertainment. Exam and Project period is even worst, Only 4 hours of sleep and have to sleep at 11pm and wake up at 3am so that i have more time to do what i need to do and prepare for the day. Study at 36 years old after being away from studies about 18 years and especially wanted to fight with the elites from china to be top of the cohort and “A” student is not a joke.

Our Divorce

I had already agree that we can divorce as long as we keep it peaceful as i don’t want to hurt the kid in anyway and my studies shouldn’t be affected. I came from a divorced family and i know very clearly how much hurt it can give to a kid, firstly, she agreed. However after she talk to her lawyer with APL Law Corporation, she turned and tried to act as the victim, giving false information to discredit me and my contribution to this family, thinking of using Singapore Women’s Charter against me. Finally, forced me out of my studies to contest her allegations and the divorce is really the breaking point for me.

Women’s Charter in Divorce

That is the worst part in singapore law, totally unfair and biased against guys in divorce, it doesn’t consider the fault or problem of the woman in the marriage, all benefits will be given to the ladies. That is why many woman are abusing it for their own financial benefits and using it to threaten their husband during marriage. Although there are appeals for this charter to be abolish or amended but as usual, the government won’t do anything against it without any benefits as they worried about losing woman voters and singaporean guys had to live with terms to that. Law should be Fair and Just, but somehow it is no longer the case for me.

Her Family and TYT Corporation

Her family is really a problematic and totally unethical one. Parents are extremely selfish and moral values are totally at ground zero.
Father is only interested in shares, disregard the family and constantly plotting against his own children to seize control of the company that they built.
Mum is totally a irresponsible liar, constantly making empty promises, always like to show off and brag to others how good she and her family is, but never consider her own mannerism and behavior in public. Pack leftover food for friends to show off where she went, for goodness sake, that is not being generous, that is constantly insulting people. Even treat her own home like garung guni, stuffing house with rubbish she find outside and never bother to tidy them.

As for the three pillar of TYT Corporation, Andy, Karen and Rachel. Many would consider Andy and Karen as the Mr nice guy and Karen Ms nice lady and Rachel as the scheming stingy wife. At least Rachel is the only true person to her own character.

Andy Koh, your Mr Nice Guy is actually committing Bigamy for the past 7-8 years. Married in singapore but marry another woman in china, and hiding her in Malaysia with a kid almost 7 years old. His parents and karen, all know about it and all trying to cover up for him all these years. So in singapore as a cover up or make amends, he acts like a caring husband and following Rachel way in the growth of company.

Rachel is not stupid so i believe she knew about the Bigamy as well, because of his frequent flyer to Malaysia with lies of trying to expand TYT Corp to Malaysia and she even got a letter from the mistress asking her to leave him so she could take care of him. Yes, he already expanded his roots there long ago. Why is she enduring all that? Simple, true to perspective, she is the greedy and scheming woman. Would you want about $4.000 in alimony and about a million or two in assets from divorce or constantly drawing around $8,000 in salary and about $7,000 allowances monthly, driving Jaguar and changing car annually with whole company of people have to listen to you and the assets are still under her control if she stay married? Answer is simple, at least to her.

Karen Koh, Ms Nice Lady, the lady i’m with for 12 years. I’m being blinded by her lies and seemingly nice lady nature. Staying with her for 5 years plus before we broke off first. Then she got involve as a mistress to a married guy, got pregnant and abandoned. However, she insisted that she wanted to keep the kid, her parents as usual doesn’t care or bother with that. The experience i had with her already told me, she will never be a loving and caring mother. Kid to her is just like me to her, dogs. She just want companionship whenever she want, she won’t be responsible to them or show love and care towards them. She promised that she will be a changed person and somehow, i believed her, you can call me blind by love or desperation to settle down, i actually propose to her and we got married. I thought after the last failed relationship with the married guy, she will realise the value of a man when he is willing to stand by you even this kind of thing happened and willingness to care and love a kid that is not his. After all these years, truth be told, she totally possess her parents traits and even worse than that, Ingrate, Liar, Schemer, Irresponsible, Actress, Lack of moral values, really if you named it, she almost got it. For sure even though the kid is not my biological son but i love him maybe even much more than my own, as i actually quit my work to take care of him and this family for 4 years before i started my studies.

TYT Corporation Pte Ltd

As for how much they expolit the company to evade their own taxes and increase their own benefits, that is the job of IRAS, see if the government want to check on them.

The Maid, Jasmen Jamelarin Corpuz

I had already given her many chances, and wanted to terminate her services 4 years ago because of the terrible way she is at managing her job and the kid, which resulted in the kid having skin and allergy issues but she gained the favor of Karen and Karen chose to keep her while ignoring my wish. After that, she had been giving me attitudes and teaching the kid to disrespect me and not greeting me by using the threat of tears and the boy love for her. She is also one of the my greatest mistakes. I shouldn’t trust her into this family, let the kid sleep with her and be under her care while i study. Frankly, it is not my choice anyway as Karen is the one deciding them all along, disrespecting my opinions and wish all along. In this family, i’m like the outsider and like Karen is the husband, i’m the housewife and he brought a mistress, the maid, back and can even tell me “I don’t care whether you like it or not, i want her in this family. If you have problems with her, work it out with her.” who can accept this kind of nonsense yet i endured for nearly 4 years. An excellent bootlicker, politician and manipulator, destroy my family so that she can enjoy the luxuries of life with Karen.

My only worry, Kid

Her parents groomed such kind of kids, after our death, i can imagine how bad the kid will be in the future with them. Her mum is the one who promised that she would stay at home to take care of the baby so that i can do my own work, however within less than a month, she complained the lack of freedom, body aches and sickness, she can’t take care of him, which forced me to stop all my working plans to be a home dad to take care of the kid so that she can continue to work. After i took care of the kid, she immediately recover and going out everyday with her friends, that is the kind of grandma. I sincerely hope that the kid in future won’t have the traits of her mum and grandma, be taught that as long as you can cover up your mistakes and problems which Andy and Karen are practicing now, you can get away with anything. So i hope the kid will be set up by the government for adoption, so that he can be brought up in a proper home and are taught the proper manners and ways to be a man. Please do not let him be in the care of the Grandparents or Andy, or else the kid will suffer more and be taught of all the bad ethics and morals in life.


I may not be the best husband around but at least i tried my best and given enough patience to her and her family. Yet you never treated me as a man, husband or allowing me to be a proper father. Even in divorce, you did it in an arrogant way, “take my offer of nothing and leave, i don’t care what are your wishes and resolutions as you won’t have money to fight against me as well” and using my studies to threaten me to accept your divorce terms. You really insulted my intergrity and pride. I endured for so long, for 12 years even with less than 5 times of sex for all these years, i stayed and support you, i endured what most man can’t endured because i love you and last few years for the love of the kid and family. But the way you manage the divorce change everything, i finally realise what kind of devil you are, all should end 3 months ago, but my love and pity for the kid make me give you 3 more months to consider or make amends but you didn’t and you gotten worse. I thought of getting justice through Singapore Law however that won’t be possible because of Women’s Charter, and my endurance for you and the maid is finally to the limit. So time is up. I will give you and the maid what you all deserve before i end mine. I said before for so many years, i don’t need anything from you, just need respect and honor as a man, knowing and loving you is really my biggest mistake in life. Son, sorry that you have to go through all these, I love you but your mum force me out of my limits. Hope your new family can help you overcome the trauma.

PS: Please help me spread this to let the Singapore government understand the kid predicament and send him for adoption, never ever let him stay with the grandparent who are terribly selfish and irresponsible, or with Andy who commit bigamy, he already have 2 wife and 3 kids, he won’t take good care of the boy.

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