How to make a U turn look straight?

The land for tender at Sengkang was designated a religious site. But it was awarded to a funeral services firm Eternal Pure Land, linked to a public listed company Life Corporation, headquarter in Australia. The company’s intention was to build a columbarium. But Sengkang plot was not for commercial columbarium. Columbarium is big business because each niche cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Religious bodies do build columbarium within their temple or church compound but they are primarily to serve their congregation
How to correct this error?
Can the tender already awarded, be withdrawn? It would reflect badly on our tender system if the government do this. It showed lack of due diligence. Moreover as it involve a public listed company, it will have impact on stock price of the share. Will there be legal implications?

“The key point is… we do not want a commercial columbarium and we won’t have one, but having reached such a situation, I will find a way to try to unwind this” quote Minister Khaw.

Singaporeans are watching how the Ministry is going to make a U turn look STRAIGHT. All the best.

Tan Cheng Bock

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