Apart from their regular day to day tasks of running their constituencies, Singapore Member of Parliament these days have the additional burden of keeping fellow Singaporeans happy by ensuring that their Facebook pages are updated with selfies of themselves alongside enthusiastic residents (Ask flowerpot Baey Yam Keng. He knows best). 
Not only these modern selfies shots signal Singaporeans that their MPs are down-to-earth, approachable and friendly, it also reflects the changing attitude of Singaporeans towards their MPs.
But in the old days when digital photography is unheard of, residents were unable to spontaneously pop over to their favourite MPs to request for a shot. These residents probably will get shot dead by the zealous bodyguards once they got into within 5 meter radius near the MP. Back then, being an MP is a big deal, and to be associated with an MP as a grassroot activist will certainly widen your business network.
But how do Singaporeans compensate for the lack of opportunities to take photos with their beloved Lee Kuan Yew? They go to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hong Kong where a figure of Lee Kuan Yew is available for Singaporeans to abuse  adore.
Here are some of the nicer shots we have found:
Recite the Singapore pledge with Lee
Taking photo with Lee is a familee family affair
Admiration of our Dear Leeder starts young. Have you ever wondered why PCF Kindergarten has PAP's logo?
Lee is known to be devoted to his wife. Don't anyhow molest him k?
Lee so tall meh?
This one confirm is PRC new citizen
She needs to improve on her salute
If this is the real Lee, I bet that guy won't wash his hand for the next 7 days
Let's guess which party he will be voting for in the coming elections?
If Lee saw that photo of his wax figure given a slap, we bet this is his reaction .
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