To all who are going to buy furnitures:


I’m one of the unlucky customers who purchased a 3+2 sofa set during 1 of the expo fair on 14th December 2014. Below are the sequence of events since then…

I wanted a Red sofa to match my home’s theme hence i did not confirm the colour at point of purchase. Date set for delivery was supposed to be on 24 Jan 2015. I told the salesperson that i will choose the colour within the week and was assured that it will not cause any delay in my delivery. $688 deposit was paid.

Within the promised date, we called and confirmed the date. We were still being assured by the sales person that the delivery will be on 24th January 2015.

However, a week later, the salesperson called me to inform me that the colour i chose was not available anymore (discon). Hence, I have to choose another colour of Red which took place in the 1st week of January. At this point, I was still assured that the delivery will not delayed.

On 22nd January, I received a call from their office that my sofa will not delivered on 24th January due to a delay in their shipment. I asked to speak to the manager named Vincent to resolve the issue. He assured me that the sofa will be delivered by month end and no latest early Feb. He suggested to T-loan a showroom sofa set while waiting for my sofa which i reluctantly agreed since i do not have much choices. The showroom sofa was delivered on 24th January.

Today i received another call from the office telling me that the shipment will be delayed again! The reason they gave was that the ship broke down and needed to go for repair. This time, they said the sofa will be delivered by 15th February instead. This is unacceptable to me and demanded either a discount or full refund my deposit. The manager Vincent told me they can’t give anymore discount but can give me a hamper as compensation which i declined. I immediately asked for a refund of my deposit which was rejected by him. I told him that i will have no choice but to lodge a complaint to CASE. After all the argument, he said he will have to discuss with his Director on the refund and said “either we refund or if not, we see you in court”.

This is totally unacceptable conduct from the furniture company! Though i do not agree that customer is always right, but that does not warrant a customer to be taken advantage of. In this instance, it seemed that i am left with no option but to wait for my possible delayed again sofa.

Please help to spread this message with all your friends.
By the way, I will be lodging a complaint with CASE and I want justice to be redressed. Trying to get some legal advice from professional lawyers and if need be, issue a lawyer letter to them. Now it’s not about the money, it’s about principle and integrity and these group of pple need to be shamed of how they conduct their business.

Thanks all for your attention and apologies that you have to read such a long post.

xiao gin

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