Let’s put it this way, the PAP keeps saying that Singaporeans cannot earn higher salaries because Singapore is a fragile economy and we need to be careful with how money is spent.

However, the PAP keeps increasing rentals and thereby squeezing businesses out and more importantly, it pays itself the highest salaries in the world.

According to the PAP’s logic, if Singapore is in such a precarious state, then it should also pay itself as low salaries as possible, so that we can save more for our country, isn’t it?

However, with what we have paid to the PAP ministers, each of them would already have in their savings tens of millions, if not, hundreds of millions in savings. If so, doesn’t this mean that the PAP ministers are the ones putting Singapore in danger, by taking so much money out of the system to pay themselves?

Moreover, the PAP gets to save millions and millions for themselves, while they make the Singaporean taxpayer – you and me – pay so that they can save and buy big bungalows, while the majority of Singaporeans go into the second heaviest debt in Asia.

Does it make sense that the PAP is making the large majority of Singaporeans pay tax so that their lives can get better? Does it make sense that the majority of Singaporeans subsidise the PAP for them to get rich, when it should be the other way round instead, where the government should be the one subsidising Singaporeans?

Does this even make sense?

Quite obviously, when the PAP says that Singaporeans cannot earn higher salaries because it is dangerous to Singapore’s economy, this cannot possibly be true, can it? This is just an excuse by the PAP because it DOES NOT want to give Singaporeans high salaries.

Yet, the PAP would make Singaporeans pay even more into the CPF, and then channel it into GIC and Temasek Holdings, and not return our money to us. The PAP keeps taking our money from taxes and CPF and not return them – what exactly is their agenda?

It is time Singaporeans think carefully about what the PAP is really doing with our country and to see through their actions, if we are willing to look beyond and see the truth.
Once we have done that, we have to decide for ourselves if PAP is still what we want in Singapore’s government.

Yes, the politicians in the early years of Singapore, from the 1960s to 1980s, created some good policies to propel Singapore forward. But after that, the PAP got greedy and turn Singapore around for themselves, while poverty in Singapore has increased to an estimated 30%.

Singaporeans have to consider for themselves if the PAP’s hypocrisy and hidden agenda is still what is needed for Singapore, and for our families, children and our country’s future.

The future and hope for our country is in your hands and your willingness to acknowledge what the PAP is doing to Singapore.

Roy Ngerng

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