By Wan Dan Liao, Straight Times

Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan said on Parliament today (29 Jan) that his Ministry’s decision to award a site marked as Place of Worship to a company not affiliated to a religious organsation is a first for government.

Khaw said his Ministry is in discussion with Eternal Pure Land to ensure that the land is restored to its original purpose of building a Chinese temple

He added that his Ministry has been engaging religious groups for a review to improve land tender process. The Sengkang temple incident has highlighted the need for such reviews

Some residents ST interviewed in Fernvale Lea are unhappy over the latest announcement.

Fernvale Lea is situated beside the plot of land which was awarded to Eternal Pure Land after it had outbid other religious organisations.

“Cheesepie! a U-turn?”, shouted Mr Jee Du Jiao. “Now they are going to build a real Chinese temple with a huge joss paper burning pot beside my flat? I rather live beside the dead!”

Another resident, Mr Aaron Alif who has a unit on the 2nd floor is also unhappy with the latest decision.

“Now I have to keep my windows closed every day lah!”, he groaned.

It is not known at this point how this will affect the support for the ruling People’s Action Party in Sengkang West SMC, where Fernvale Lea is located.

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