"Breast Touching Festival" is a celebration of the local Yi traditional culture, the equivalent of the annual" Halloween " festival. 

Apart from burning paper and pay homage to the ghostly "good brothers" outside, many men and women come to town to participate in the "Breast Touching Festival" where men are happy to touch while women happily accepted being touched. 

According to legend, during the warring Sui Dynasty, many virgin men who have never touched a women were killed in battle. These virgin men became ghosts wandering around and are looking for dead women to be their wives in the underworld. 

However, these ghosts possess a strong "perfect virgin" complex. If a woman has been touched by many men, these ghosts would not be interested in them. So girls do not want to go to hell and accompany these virgin ghost soldiers, women have to allow their breast to be touched to avert these evil spirit. 

Mr. Chin is a local middle-aged man and he boasted that he lost count of the number of breast he touched each year.

Recently, many foreigners visited the "Breast Touching Festival" when they visit the "Breast Touching" town of Hubei. The festival is now an international "Breast Touching Festival" which provides fun and happy entertainment for foreigners and locals alike. 

It is only in this "Breast Touching" town in Hubei that men can touch women's breast legally and women enjoy men touching their breast. 




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