PAP party organising secretary Dr Ng Eng Hen said PAP has more than 30 potential new candidates for the next General Elections.

These names were shortlisted from “a few hundred” names.

About two-thirds of these potential faces are from the private sector while the rest are from civil service, uniformed services, trade unions, non governmental organisations and voluntary welfare organisations.

PAP unveiled 24 candidates in GE 2006, and the same number in GE 2011.

Some of the potential candidates have already been seen walking the grounds or known to the public, such as Desmond Choo, surgeon Dr Koh Poh Koon and former NTUC deputy secretary Ong Ye Kung. All three were defeated in previous elections.

Dr Ng said PAP is constantly looking for the best to direct the country amid challenges such as ageing society, difficult economic environment and a population with more polarised views. The party is also keeping an eye for candidates with ministerial potential to ensure succession, otherwise, the government will be weaken.

He added that candidates who have global exposure such as CEOs of top firms who could position Singapore better in the future were difficult to find. These group of people are concerned about the “more contested” political environment.

The PAP is also looking for those who have been through “school of hard knocks” so they would be keen to ensure each Singaporean is given the opportunity to succeed.

The next General Elections has to be called by January 2017. PAP branches have already started preparations.

Dear Singaporeans, which political party will you vote for?

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