There’s a person in Malaysia who claims that he has a winning formula, based solely on maths, that allows one to win in every gambling table. How true is that? Maths have proven again and again that the house always wins—it is an absolute, if not we would not have seen casinos raking in millions of profits every year and that the jackpot room in a country club always contributing to almost 90% of the profits in a club.

Well, based on this, there’s apparently a way for one to strike 4D on a very regular basis. Here are the steps: 

Step 1:

Find a trusted friend or a family member. If you can’t find any, open a bank account and do not issue an ATM card to yourself. If it’s a policy for the bank to do so, cut the card into half immediately.

Step 2:

Buy 4D. Now, this will be a little different: firstly, you still go to Singapore Pools to fill up the bet slips. Spend whatever amount of time you need in there—make no changes to your routine. If you’ve always bought your house unit number, your car number and your birthday every week, do the same thing. If you, on that week, spot a good number, go ahead and shade that number on the bet slip. Put $50 Big and $50 Small if you have that “feel” and have always done that.

Step 3:

Now, instead of buying from Singapore Pools, pass the cash and bet slips to your trusted friend. During weekend evenings, continue your routine of hoping for the best. Cry when you see a “跳字”. Punch the air if you’ve always done so. I hate to break this to you, but you’ve often not won. Just try and you’ll understand.

Step 4:

Now, this is the best part: whenever you feel like it, tell your friend that you want to win. He or she will decide whether you can or cannot win; if it’s possible, they’ll pass you the money. How is this possible?

Let’s do the maths now: Presuming that for a month, you spent $400 on 4D and have won nothing. After three months, you tell your friend that you want to win a prize. By then, your friend would have collected $1,200 from you. In other words, you could have won, based on Big bet, a “Second Prize” of $1,000 and a “Starter” Prize of $250.

Winning twice in three months; not too bad, right? If you feel that this is an exaggerated example, you need to sit back and think about it.

To a non-gambler, this will make perfect sense, since they’re buying just for the “kick” and not for the money. So should you think that this is absurd, maybe you can try putting 50% of your usual betting funds to this trick and see your money grow. And that is an absolute.

Low Kay Hwa

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