By Wan Dan Liao, Straight Times

The lack of good jobs for Singaporeans has not dampened the spirits of the young in Singapore.

According to the latest figures released today (27 Jan 2015) by Ministry of Manpower, there were 67,400 job vancacies as of September in 2014. Eighty percent of the vancaies were in the service industries, particularly in social, community and personal services.

The breakdown by professions indicated that employers are desperately looking for sales assistants, waiters and security guards whereas technical roles for diploma holders account for mere twenty percent of the job vacancies that were available.

Fourty percent of job vancacies typically went unfilled for more than six months – lousy pay was the main hindrance in hiring Singaporeans or Permanent Residents to fill the jobs.

However, such figures did not deter the young. ST interviewed a primary school boy who will be sitting for his PSLE this year.

“I want to be waiter after my PSLE”, Mei Choo Xi replied cheerfully, “My mummy told me degree not important because PAP last year said so.”

“I can serve them desserts, it is like give them happy ending after a good meal.”

Low pay did not seem to deter this young man. When asked if he could support his family with low pay in the service industry, he replied, “I will go PAP Meet the MP session ask for NTUC vouchers. My Daddy always do that. My daddy say if they don’t give, can kick them out.”

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