Dear Netizens and all FB friends,

Mr Suhaime Roa and Wife, Siti Aisah Sawie have met with SMRT official, Andrew last Friday. We were happy with the outcome of the meetings where the SMRT official offered their apologies for the incidents.

According to them, they were not aware of the situation till it was highlighted through the social media. They took the matters seriously and the said Station manager has been given warning, reprimanded, would be send for training and would not be at Woodlands MRT for the longest of time.

As SMRT already took responsibility for the unbecoming behavior of one of their staff high handed approach in dealing with Mr Suhaime, Mr Suhaime have decided to close this matter and move forward.

On behalf of Mr Suhaime family, from the bottom of my heart I can only thank each and everyone of you for being there for them. At 3R Sincerely & Giving, ONE STARFISH AT A TIME, everyone matters! Please continue to support our cause to give a bright spot to those who need us.

Having said all this, I am just disappointed that a simple issue if taken seriously by the authority like the MP’s and Police where an appeal and complain has been lodged, this case would not need be blown out of proportions. Their heck care attitude to the disable left much to be desired!
I will personally write to the said MP to highlight this matter to him.

I too was toying with the idea of any possibilities of gathering our buskers for a concert or maybe a get together for them to entertain us at Hong Lim park perhaps? Any promoters can take up this challenge? Just a thought!

Please comment responsibly. No racists or vulgarities yah! LOVE ONE LOVE ALL!

Zarina jaffar
3R Group

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