Rats spotted near Buangkok MRT Station
There are at least 5 rat holes along the bushes near Buangkok MRT station. According to residents, they have spotted rats scurrying around the area in recent months.
One 16 year old resident Miss Yang was horrified to discover that a rat was hiding in a corner in an elevator that she was taking. She had to frantically hit the buttons in the elevator to try to get out of the precarious situation. 
"That rat followed me out of the elevator too!", she said "So I made a U-turn and ran back to the lift, pressed for the door to close and I finally shake off that rat. It knew I was carrying egg-tarts."
Miss Yang noted that the rats began to appear in large numbers last year and it was spotted scurrying around at night.
Another resident Mr Xu is concerned with the hygiene of the food in the coffee shop as the rat holes are near the area.
According to Second Minister for Environment & Water Resources Grace Fu, the NEA discovered more than 10,000 rat holes in Singapore last October and November 2014. More than 90% of those were in residential areas. NEA has destroyed more than 35,000 of those holes.
NEA has received 4,106 rat-related complains in 2014, compared to 3,031 in 2013. 
Anti-pest experts said that there is a higher percentage of complaints from residents living in the eastern part of Singapore. Mature areas such as Geylang, Bedok and Katong are more prone to rat problems. 
Singaporeans have started to take note of rat problems in Singapore, thanks to the "rat-hill" incident in Bukit Batok which costs the government more than $120,000 to rectify the problem.  
Do you think the Minister in-charge of Environment, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan should to more to resolve the rat problem? 


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