Dear Editors,

This is video proof that LTA officers have no professionalism in discharging their duties. They only pick on average Singaporeans but when it come to powerful people like PAP MPs attending a community event, they dare not take action but call back to HQ for "advice".

The law is clear and when broken, regardless of position, the officer has to discharge his duty without fear or favour. Please give Singaporeans a proper explanation for this ridiculous incident! 

Scenario 1:

Few months back, i park on a single yellow line with my dad and mum in the car. LTA traffic warden came, my dad ( 70 plus yrs old) came out of the car and pleaded to the officer to give us 5 mins cause I ran to the shop to grab a loaf of bread for him. Traffic warden refused to listen to my dad and say "NO, this is illegal parking" Alright, fine, i paid the fine!

Scenario 2:

This morning, Siglap South Community Center having an event with the MP attending it. Cars were illegally park up to our carpark gate making it difficult fir residents to turn in. Called LTA and a traffic warden came. He DID NOT issue any summons!!! When i asked him, he replied supervisor say take pic and they will sent to LTA.


What crap!!! Illegal parking no need fine because community organising event with MP attending?

Is this the type of standards LTA is practising?? LTA wake up your idea!!!

David Tan


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