An intriguing conversation occurred during Lee Hsien Loong's online Facebook Q&A session.

A netizen Lim Jialiang asked PM Lee, "Why do you keep wearing pink shirts? I like pink too! Let's go to Pink Dot this year!".

Would you expect a reply to such a tricky question? Knowing the PAP, probably not. But surprise surprise, not only did Lee Hsien Loong reply, he gave a very very unexpected answer. Not exactly what the the LGBT community wants to hear but it seems to be getting there isn't it?

Lee Hsien Loong replied: "My TV producer tells me to do that!" What does his reply tell Singaporeans?

First, he has people who are supporters of Pink Dot around him, in this instance, his TV producer.

Second, he is definitely aware of what is happening on the ground at least for the Pink Dot issue.

Third, he knows that Singaporeans are really curious about his penchant for Pink shirts.

Fourth, he is a master of answering but not answering a question, leaving you to guess what he really means.

So what do you think about this intriguing conversation about Pink Dot?

Do you think Lee Hsien Loong will wear his pink shirt and head down to Pink Dot this year?

Share your thoughts with us.

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