According to Chinese press Wanbao, HDB received an anonymous tip-off that a 4-room HDB unit in Bukit Batok was leased out even though the owner did not fulfill the statutory 5-year minimum occupancy period. The owner and his family allegedly stayed in a condominium unit in west coast that he owns.

HDB engaged a private investigator to look into the complaint and the PI firm confirmed that the whole HDB unit was leased out.

As a result, in 2010, HDB notified the owner that the HDB unit will be forfeited and the owner will be compensated with $286,500.

The unit was purchased at $368,000 in 2007.

The owner appealed to his MP, the HDB, and Minister for Home Affairs, claimed that he did not give permission to his tenants to utilise all the bed rooms.

The appeals were ignored.

The owner filed a judicial review in the High Court to overturn HDB’s decision but the case was thrown out. He has also requested the court to release the full PI report and the identity of the whistleblower but the Court did not find it necessary as it would discourage future whistleblowers from coming forward.

Not only has the owner lost more than $80,000 in the forced-sale of his flat, he has to pay an additional $37,000 of Court fees.

Do you think HDB did the right thing?

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