Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had a Facebook Q & A session with netizens this morning on his Facebook page. Not surprisingly, he was unable to respond to all the complaints but he managed to selectively answer some questions. Through this political exercise sharing session, he revealed  his lighter side to Singaporeans. Here are some things about him that we have observed: 

Lee Hsien Loong has always wanted to teach. But we doubt his daddy approved his choice of career.


He drinks anything that was offered to him. He is trying to tell you he is not picky.


We suspect Lee has OCD. Who counts the number of steps you take each day?


We are secretly proud that our PM speaks Malay. He is very fluent in it as well.


Lee edits his own photos using Lightroom! 


So he was ordered to wear pink! The gay crowd are going to be disappointed. Why did the TV producer insist that Lee wear pink? Hmmm..


Pilates is going to be the next popular activity in Community Centers. 


He is telling Singaporeans that his wife Ho Ching is a great cook?

( Even if Ho Ching is a lousy cook, he has to be politically correct….)

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