The usually quiet Funan DigitaLife Mall’s foodcourt played host to a ruckus scene when debt collectors paid a visit to a stall, causing a mess and wreaking havoc in their bid to force the owner to pay up $21,000 in debt.

According to The New Paper, the floor of the Chinese soup stall was littered with empty bowls, styrofoam boxes, a rice cooker and a cash register, while debt collectors threw extra condiments into a pot of soup.

Based on eye witness account, a group of men wearing dark blue polo shirts with the words “Debt Recovery Unit” arrived at the foodcourt in the afternoon and helped themselves to bowls of soup at the stall while preventing patrons from ordering food. They were also seen pushing down the cash register, rice cooker and bowls onto the floor. They were acting in an extremely aggressive manner. The next day, they appeared again with a banner that read “Debt collection in progress” in bold letters place at the food stall.

The stallowner admitted that he owed money but never expected the supplier to hire Double Ace Associates, a debt collection agency.

When queried, the owner of Double Ace Associates Frankie Tan maintained that his agents never caused the mess and merely added condiments to the soup pot. Tan claims that the case has been settled.

Police have since classified the incident as a case of mischief, and are conducting investigations.

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