Corporal Chua
Dear editor
I used to know the duty NCO for that night when Recruit Tham passed away. The duty NCO Corporal Ricky Chua was under Tekong CCO
On that night around 3 am, Tekong CCO sent vehicles to search for recruit Tham together with the officers in Charlie coy. In fact, those involved were quite excited about the search when they knew that one recruit was unaccounted for.
After a few rounds of search, the senior commanders got desperate. They called a "tang ki" (Chinese medium) for help. The medium told them to cease the search and they will be able to find the body in a specific area right before noon the next day.
The soldiers followed the instructions and they found Tham's lifeless body near the road side in the area mentioned by the medium.
According to Chua, the search party was very certain that they had search that area the night before but they did not see the body.
There were many houseflies around Tham's body, even though it was only found the next day after the recruit had gone missing. They were not able to  find any physical evidence on the reason he died. He was found lying on his ground sheet with his field pack laid out properly beside him. Tham's facial expression was peaceful.

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