Thanks everyone for ur support.. I really appreciate it..

This happen 1 year ago.. Thanks god for helping my father.. finally justice has come for this man on the left who beat my father outside my father’s cab early in the morning last year.

He was drunk on that day n vomit my father’s cab. So my father stop the cab at a near by bus stop near clementi road to let him cool down.

After few min later, my father went to ask him whether he wan my father to send him home or just pay the cab fare and leave. But he refuse to pay and quickly walk off.. so my father went to him and stop him.

So this man took out S$50 and pass to my father. So my father went back to the cab and took the change. When my father open the door, suddenly this idiot took something and hit at the back of my father head.. he keep on beating him until my father head bleed.. this man stil not happy and turn my father and took something and bit his forehead.

My father told me on that time he have no energy and no strength to push him away and he give up ( my father is aready 70 years old ).. But lucky a young man safe my father.. This incident happen around 5 plus in the morning..

Really want to thank to that young man who saving my father life… Really thank you!!

Emily Sun

When queried, an NUS spokesman said Soosay joined the university in 2008. “NUS will await the conclusion of legal proceedings before determining what action, if any, should be taken.”

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