Dear Members of the Media,

Vellama Marie Muthu and her lawyer M Ravi asked the court to declare if the Prime Minister has the option to decide on the by-election and when it is held.

​I am very angry with the demeaning treatment and threat by the State to cut off my water supply and electricity in the next few days. I would like to enforce my rights in the Court and have engaged my lawyer, Mr M. Ravi to assist me in this matter, as I understand that almost all governments in the world have ratified The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (“CEDAW”)which provides for the right to water. You will remember me as the successful applicant in 2013 who enforced my right to parliamentary by-elections in Hougang.

I have filed an application in Court for a declaration that right to water is a right under the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore. I understand from my lawyer that a pre-trial conference has been held yesterday, 19th January.

To rich individuals out there, if you do have some conscience, please donate generously to my legal defense fund which will be utilised to pay for my filing fees and any future cost orders against me. I would also appeal humbly for your assistance in helping me with the payment of my electricity bill which currently stands at an outstanding amount of $932.11. My bank account details are POSB savings 405098440.

Mr M. Ravi is prepared to handle this matter pro bono (free-of-charge) and therefore the legal defense fund is not for his legal fees but for the aforesaid filing fees and future cost orders. These are estimated in the range of $1,000 for now.

This is to make clear that I am not here to seek your money but to fight for my rights and the rights of many others around the world who are in similar plights by freeing ourselves from the clutches of greedy governments as well as liberate the fourth world like myself who is in the fourth world of Singapore.

Henceforth, I am hoping to obtain from the Court my right to water as a fundamental right to life under the Constitution of the Republic of Singapore and to regain my human dignity.

May God bless everyone, may God bless Singapore & may God bless M Ravi and his legal team. Om Sakthi.


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