Finally the official ability to use WhatsApp on your computer is here! Simply sync your smartphone to the Whatsapp web browser and you are good to go!

This is most suited for users who are in the office and would like to pretend that they’re working but are infact sending kinky messages to their partners, or for the old birds who still struggle to type with a phone’s keyboard but are desperate to stay connected.

Here is how you can do it:

1) Open Google Chrome on your computer (download it here if you’re not using it:

2) Make sure both your phone and computer are connected to the Internet

3) Make sure your phone has a QR Code scanner (or simply download from here:

4) Go to

5) Scan the QR Code on the screen

6) Follow the instructions

It will sync with your phone just like how email syncing works, so both your computer and WhatsApp must be connected.

Unfortunately, at the moment this function is only for Android, Windows and BlackBerry users. iOS still got roadblocks lah as usual.

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