The truth is, Chee is not a villain. But he is:

– petty
– egoistic
– sneaky (but not good at it; also the CSJ email thing is getting really old)
– self-serving
– talks about stuff he doesn’t seem to really understand
– is closed to actionable steps to improving his policy positions (like outlining economic justifications and sketching implementation roadmaps; and no, the civil service is not your maid)
– unprincipled (condoned, for a long while, public anti-Semitism by a CEC member, presumably because “that guy” might be “important” for getting the Malay vote)
– incompetent at managing even the smallest venture (this one is at once funny and sad, also disappointing from the point of view of taking responsibility)

It is my principled position that people should know a little more about a person who is working very hard to promote himself for the upcoming elections. This is not going to be in that “book about Chee”.

I joined the SDP because it was supposed to stand for rights, democracy and promoting the well-being of Singaporeans. There are many good people in the party, but I’m disappointed by the party leader.

As much as he pretends to be a warrior for democracy, and as much as the marketing (combined with the idealism of people such as me) has people fooled, the truth about Chee is much much more sad.

Jeremy Chen

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