Agnes had urine splashed in her face, was burned with cigarettes and beaten till she fell – all on her first day of school this year. A group of eight teenage boys and girls slapped and punched her face more than 10 times and kick her till she fell. After about 3 minutes of beating, they stopped and just laughed at her. They also called her derogatory name such as bitch, prostitute and slut.

Agnes (not her real name) was allegedly bullied by a schoolmate and her friends after she spread a rumour in school about the girl’s boyfriend. When contacted, the alleged bully claimed she had “forgotten” about the incident and could not remember what happened. She said: “I don’t think I am bullying her; She made a big fuss out of it. A lot of things happened, I cannot remember.”

Agnes has since made a police report, and police said they are investigating the incident. The incident took place on Jan 2 in broad daylight at a void deck next to Bishan Community Centre, but despite 3 passer-by witnessing the incident nobody stopped to help, even when Agnes was being beaten up and left crying on the ground.

Now, she is afraid to sleep as she has to wake up the next day and face the bully in school again.

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