Dear all,

Beware of this person he’s a car dealer.

I believe quite a number got cheated by him in transaction of buying or selling car and it’s my luck experienced the damn situation.

He’s a friend of mine for 10 over years, trading my car to him last month and what’s the worst is balance money he didn’t returned me and road tax didn’t buy too, I got fined from LTA.

Respray paintwork in the first place he mentioned he bared so I changed colour of the car, after collecting the car, he said respray count on me.

Seriously this kind of dealer, really CMI. Car passed to me, door spoiled and a lot problem, he just answer me saying “don’t expect to much on a 2nd hand car, can drive can already”

what is this? Singapore only one car dealer? I supported him as a friend let him earn for buying his car, endup he’s really playing bastard.

Please kindly share this post around, don’t get cheated by this dealer.

Dao Tong

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