Dear all,

I usually just pay my singtel bill without checking until this month I realised why is it another $300 again and I log in to my account and realised there Video-On-Demand (VOD) purchases on my Mio Plan. All the purchases were made within few minutes at weird timing like after midnight till 4 plus 5 am kind.

When I called Singtel customer service, the first standard reply, push the blame on ME! Say someone MUST HAVE purchased from the remote control. "SINGTEL WILL NEVER CHARGE YOU ANYHOW like that." Exact words from the CSO.

Very HELPFUL indeed. Singtel. There are no kids in my house. Me and my bro living with my parents and my brother is already 22 years old and I am even older. and who will be up at 1 2 am clicking VOD like that….. Cmon man…. Singtel suggested to me to LOCK my Rental purchases. MEaning set a pin before I wanna buy any VOD.

I set the pin and tried purchasing and it just WENT through without asking me for the pin. CSO then ask me to reboot the setup box! Standard reply which I find it stupid, like it will make any difference but still i rebooted it. CSO then ask me to try purchase again and NO, did not ask me for pin again. Then he say he will reset the box and create a new pin from his side and will call me back. Then resetted from SINGTEL side and new pin created, reboot, and try to purchase again.. and no pin prompted again.

Summary, weird purchases on VOD, called Singtel and they push all the blame to me without even wanting to investigate. Asked me to set a pin to prevent future purchases yet the pin cannot be set even from Singtel Side. I requested for investigation but investigation is done by their own internal department.

Will they be professional enough to admit their own mistake? I doubt so man! I seriously think my Mio plan has been hacked. and I WANT MY MONEY back! Paid for something which I did not even use. I pay monthly subscription to you and I believe you have to be professional enough to prevent simple hacking like this. I feel like Singtel is cheating my money.

Angry Singtel Customer



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