Dear Editors,

Suhaime Roa is a prolific song writer and singers back in the 80's. He is visually handicap and is a father of 4 children. For the past few years he has been busking at CWP and Civic centre. Woodlands. He has NAC license for it.

Sometimes back he has been harassed by Edmund Chong Kong Lum from Woodlands MRT. This idiotic of a guy try to exert his authority by ordering Suhaime to move away from the usual place he used to play. Suhaime would comply. If not he would call the police.

This harrassment got so bad that a police report has been lodged against him but it still continued. I will copy and paste the convoy I had with his wife.

By the way when he played its not even on SMRT Ground. following are her PM's "We've been tolerating this far too much. We did go to MPs to seek advice n help.

As a responsible man, Suhaime just want to earn a living by trading his talent for the family. Insyaallah." TODAY AFTER I LEFT THE STATION, HIS WIFE PM AGAIN "

He came again. Demand to see Suhaime's busking license. He want to make report to NAC tomorrow. We refused to give. Told him that he got no right to see as we are not in his ground. He said he will call the police. We told him to go ahead…" "He call Transcom Policeman. They also agree that it's not MRT ground." "Just now, he's not happy when Transcom Police refuse to give Suhaime's particulars because the policemen said that Suhaime is not MRT ground. He call NPC. NPC came n told him the same thing.

Our friend still not happy:, when the Transcom Policemen refused to give Suhaime's particulars to him, he took down the Policemen's particulars? What was he up to? Is he trying to manipulate with the Police too? "Even the CWP staff talk to him. He wants to show his power" UNQUOTE

In one of the pictures you would see he very the kurang ajar put a barrier in front of Suhaime while the other picture is he standing threateningly. This has been going on for 2-3 years by the same person. Siti Aisah Sawie please feel free to share more.

We are all here for you and Suhaime Roa Ok Guys please help to stop this! Together we have a duty to make a difference to someone in need of us now!

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