As Singapore gears up for 50 years of independence, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gave an interview to review and take stock of his vision for Singapore in the years ahead. During the interview, Lee Hsien Loong touched on a broad range of issues such as the changing political climate, his vision for Singapore, his regrets and challenges that Singapore may face in the future.

He also shared his regrets for the past ten years at helm. In retrospect, he felt that he could have built up Singapore’s transport and housing infrastructure a lot faster and this would have preempted many of the daily problems faced by Singaporeans. He also stated that since the last wake up call, the Government intends to be more daring in its planning and to give more latitude for change.

Furthermore, PM Lee added that they could have done much better when introducing the 6.9 million population white paper. He believes that if they had more time to prepare Singaporeans, explain and soft sell the idea to people, the reception to the policy would have been much better.

He did concede that Singaporean’s reactions were to be expected as they were reacting on the basis of their direct context such as colleagues at work, people on the MRT, foreign workers gathering at public places and they have a valid reaction to say things have indeed changed.

In response to this organic Singaporean outburst, he stated that his team has worked hard on it and re-calibrated policies to slow down foreign worker inflows and tighten existing foreign workers. Both of which have hurt employers significantly.

However, he reject the notion of shutting the tap entirely as that would be unsustainable for Singapore’s growth and would hurt the daily lives of Singaporeans.

Do you think Lee Hsien Loong is capable of leading Singapore’s future after the lack of 20/20 vision the past ten years?

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