Every Chinese New Year, Singaporeans of all race and religion look forward to the once a year Prosperity Burger meal. On top of that, we also look forward to the super sedap Twister fries.

For those of you living in a well, Twister Fries is fries coiled up like a spring. However for eagle-eye Singaporeans, they noticed from McDonald's Prosperity burger advertisement that Twister Fries are missing!

Pek cek customers have taken to McDonald's Singapore Facebook page to call for the reinstatement of Twister Fries. Do you feel the same anguish as other McDonalds fans?

Here are some of the cute comments posted on McDonalds Facebook page:

CNY without Twister Fries is not prosperous. It’s preposterous. LOL.

No Twister Fries no talk.

Do you agree with them? McDonalds will never be the same again without Twister fries? 

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