Yesterday All Singapore Stuff published an article exposing another Filipino man for making anti-Singapore and other disparaging comments against Singaporeans

After the article went viral, the Filipino individual in question offered his apology on Facebook.

In his comment, Inan Saligan apologised:

"Guys sorry to all the bad things that I said… I just realized that I was wrong yesterday… I'm not doing this because of this article… I just got mad… I know that all the things that I said was not true… in fact I love Singaporeans, I have lots of Singaporean friends and I respect them because they are good people

Singaporeans who saw his apology had these "kind words" for him: 

"Bullshit!!.. u peenoy are damm bloddy too much.. we will not leave this matter alone.. u better do something before its too late.. u have stir we aingaporean with your nasty low standard idiotic words.. shame on you. U better leave my country. I swear u will never have a peaceful mind after this. U have hurt us badly. We give u money n lives u pay us with this insult.. shame on u sick pinoy!!"

"You are not forgiven as u are not even wanted becoz of those words u hurt my fellow s'poreans u think we like ur pple and ur noisy chatter, ur playboy men and ur prostituting girls of urs that are popular as gold diggers, not all us mind it but u went too far this time u insulted us, we gave u a job u bite us we helped ur country and u insulted us how dare u gd for nothing s.o.b ?"

Do you think Inan Saligan is truly apologetic for his words or is his only sorry because he got caught? 

Would you accept his apology and let matters to rest? Share your thoughts with us! 

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