Having troubles keeping your man in line? Is your man always leaving home early and coming home late? Is he always having late meetings and entertainment sessions with business clients after work? Worried that he is having an affair? Tried everything and at your wits end? Fret not! Why not try a folk remedy called "Nasi Kang Kang" for this "problem". 

Nasi kang kang is a love potion created by Southeast Asian witch doctors. First, the woman has to cook a nice bowl of rice with love. Then, without wearing any clothes, squat over the rice and allow her womanly essence to mix with the steam of the rice. Afterwards, feeds it to your man and he is supposed to never leave her and be at her beck & call 24/7. 

It is an easy recipe to follow as no advanced cooking skill is required. All you need is patience and allow the condensed sweat and viriginal fluids to drip into the pot of rice before mixing well and serving.

What about career women who do not have the time to cook? Another improvised method is to buy claypot chicken rice from the hawker center. Just tapau the claypot and do the kang kang at home before serving.

So men, after reading are you worried about having nasi kang kang served to you? If you are, better buck up and treat your wives and girlfriends better. If not, they may get desperate and feed you "yummy" rice in hopes of making you a better man.

Disclaimer: Nasi kang kang is just a folklore recipe and results are not guaranteed. 

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