A 41-year old Malaysian was sentenced to 15 years in prison and maximum 24 strokes of the cane today (9 Jan 2015) for robbing and raping a Singaporean woman at a park in Bukit Batok

Sinnathamby Ramiah, a steel work supervisor assaulted and raped a 47 year old while she was jogging at night on 4 August 2013.

Sinnathamby was sexually aroused after he spotted the victim who was in the park for a jog that night. He had finished a few cans of beer.

After stalking her for a while, Sinnathamby grabbed her from behind and tried to constrain her movements with cable ties which he had brought along for the purpose of repairing his motorcycle.

He then dragged her to a secluded area where he molested her and raped her despite her pleas.

After the hideous acts were committed, Sinnathamby ran away with the victim’s iPhone 4. The victim made a police report that night.

The police arrested Sinnathamby after he tried to use the iPhone.

Sinnathamby was convicted of rape, robbery and using criminal force.

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