In retaliation against the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Hacktivist group Anonymous has decided to declared war on Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.

Anonymous from Belgium has posted the video message to Youtube in French launching the campaign against radical jihadists called #OpCharlieHebdo.

In the video, someone wearing a Guy Fawkes mask spoke with a digitized voice over and referred directly to Al-Qaeda and Islamic State.

"You will not impose your sharia law in our democracies, we will not let your stupidity kill our liberties and our freedom of expression. We have warned you; expect your destruction. We will track you everywhere on the planet, nowhere will you be safe. We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Be afraid of us, Islamic State and Al Qaeda – you will get our vengeance." 

Anonymous has vowed to track all terroractivity on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook and shut down every single account. A badly translated English version of the declaration of war can be heard below. 

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