We have dismissed Mr Ello Ed Mundsel Bello from our Hospital immediately for his offensive online comments made in 2014 while in our Hospital’s employment.

Mr Bello had joined us in October 2014 and had been under probation.

In the course of our investigations, we were alerted to and reviewed three earlier online posts made by Mr Bello in 2014 that touched on race and religion:

i) An offensive Facebook comment on Singapore;

ii) Two offensive comments on religion on his Google Plus page

Mr Bello has confirmed that he had made these three posts.

These comments were highly irresponsible and offensive to Singapore and religion. They have distressed members of the public and our hospital staff. His conduct goes against our staff values of respect, professionalism and social responsibility. As a public healthcare institution, we take a very serious view and have zero tolerance on conduct that is offensive and detrimental to multi-cultural harmony in Singapore.

Our decision for dismissal is independent of the ongoing police investigation of the more recent alleged posts made in January 2015. We are still in full cooperation with the police on the alleged comments.

We would also like to clarify that a quarter of our staff are foreigners, contrary to the inaccurate report by Shin Min Daily News on 5 January 2015. The Hospital is proud to have a harmonious multi-cultural working environment where staff work together to provide good care for patients. Thank you.

Editor’s note:

Despite Tan Tock Seng Hospital swift move to sack Ello Ed Mundsel Bello once he admitted to writing those anti-Singaporean statements, one important question still remains. Will the Pinoy nurse be punished by the authorities for making a fake police report about his Facebook account being hacked. Did he waste taxpayers money though his wilful refusal to admit his mistakes from the get go.

Hopefully the authorities would complete their investigations and show this Filipino what happens to those who break the law in Singapore.


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