A police sergeant attached to Bedok police division investigation branch was jailed for 15 months for multiple cases of forged work documents to avoid performing his duties.

In total, Norazly Joihani, aged 33 committed 60 forgery offences from January 2009 to November 2010. These comprised mainly of forgery.

In order to skive on the job, Norazly doctored daily monitoring returns lists, which consists of police reports and assignments. Because of his laziness and illegal actions, he escaped starting investigations into multiple cases as directed by his boss. Following investigations into Norazly, 32 unresolved cases came to light, out of which six were unnatural deaths that required coroner’s inquiries.

As soon as his actions were discovered, the Singapore Police terminated him in March 2014. Apart from forgery, he also took the opportunity to pocket case exhibits seized during investigations for his own use. He would return the acknowledgment forms to the division store and instead of returning the items to their rightful owners would keep the items instead.

In court, District Judge Toh Yung Cheong admonished Norazly’s actions for diminishing public trust and confidence in the efficiency of the Singapore Police Force, and had undermined the integrity of Singapore’s criminal justice system.

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