On Thursday 8 Jan 2015, a HIV-infected man accused of cheating a low IQ teenager into having sex was jailed for 33 months by the courts.

The man who is 40, faced seven charges and admitted to sexually abusing the 15-year-old boy and for not declaring his HIV status prior to intercourse. Due to his lack of declaration, the boy was denied the opportunity to make an informed choice when the man made his sexual proposition.

According to court documents, the abuse occurred at the stairwell of block of flats in Marsiling Road in August last year. Due to an active gag order in place, the victim and the accused cannot be named.

The accused first accosted the victim and his friends with the excuse of making friends and encouraged them to add him on Facebook. He then proposed for them to proceed to his home but only the victim who had borderline IQ too up the offer.

Instead of bringing the teen to his house, the man took him to the 20th floor stairwell, where he engaged in illegal sexual activities with the victim.

When the abused failed to return after a long time, his worried friends went to the accused house to look for him only to be turned away by accused house mate.

Sensing trouble, the group called on the help of a passerby and forced their way into the flat but was told the victim had left. They eventually found him at the void deck.

Soon an argument ensued between the accused and his house mate and the police were called in the scene. For sexual offences, the accused could have been jailed for u to 10 years and fined up to S$50,000 under the Infectious Diseases Act.

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